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The IPAF training course was developed by leading industry professionals in the field of platform operating. Minster Studies provides instructors that are fully qualified and registered members of IPAF.

IPAF or the International Powered Access Federation is the leading not-for-profit member organisation for the training of powered access safety, design and testing. IPAFs members are manufacturers, distributors, training and rental companies which specialise in mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs).

On completion of the IPAF training course, successful candidates will receive a PAL (Powered Access License) Card which is valid for 5 years. The PAL card is recognised internationally as proof that an individual has successfully passed an IPAF approved platform operator training course.

IPAF Categories

We offer the following categories as part of our IPAF training:

1a - Static Vertical : This category covers static vertical personnel platforms, which are designed to be positioned correctly before use, and then secured in place with stabiliser arms. This type of lightweight platform is usually used in building maintenance works or for work in confined space.

1b - Static Boom : This category covers Self-propelled booms (outriggers) which are static and therefore cannot move when the platform is raised, it also includes trailers/push-arounds and lorry or van mounted platforms.

3a - Mobile Vertical : This category covers Scissor lifts and mobile vertical personnel platforms. The scissor lift, long established in the industry is a platform which only moves vertically. The mechanism works through a series of folding supports; some scissor lifts have extendable platforms to allow closer access to the working area. Mobile vertical personnel platforms are a more recent development which are generally smaller in design.

3b - Mobile Boom : Self-propelled booms, are able drive around a site themselves and can be in motion whilst carrying out work. They are powered in a number of ways including electric, diesel or hybrid and different lift heights.

An additional PAL+ training course is also available. This is one day course specialising in category specific training and is usually recommended for those working in riskier environments. When the testing is complete successful candidates will have the appropriate categories added to their PAL card.

Demonstrator Training

A course designed to prepare an operator on safe operation, pre-use procedures, and the limitations and responsibilities of using Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs).

Harness Inspection and Use Training

This course aims to instruct the candidate on harness safety and the safe use of appropriate harnesses when using MEWPs. On course completion the candidate will be able to carry out harness inspections, choose the correct harness for the purpose and select the correct restraints.

Loading and Unloading

This course focuses on the safe unloading, loading and securing of MEWPs in preparation for road transportation to or from a work site.

For more information on IPAF visit the official website

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